Summer BBQ’s and Staying on the Health Wagon 

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Summer vacations, family bbq’s, and informal get-togethers with friends are abundant. Here are a few tips to stay on your health and fitness wagon amidst pulled pork, potato salad, apple pie, bloody mary’s and other summer treats.

Tip #1:

Get it in! Get your workout in on the day of or the day before and after your social gathering. Cardio and strength training are excellent ways to burn calories during and AFTER your workout. The more muscle you build, the more calories you burn when RESTING and eating a veggie burger in the sun.

Tip #2:

Mindfully eat. CHEW. SAVOR. ENJOY. Eat until you are satisfied and not to the point of feeling stuffed. Also, gravitate towards the veggies! Take it easy on the condiments.

Tip #3:

Be actively social. Who says you have to sit and be sedentary when hanging out with others? Bring a frisbee. Bring a ball. Stand and talk. Take a short walk around the outdoor venue. Volunteer to watch/play with children, if present.

Tip #4:

Bring something you know you will eat. We’re often asked to bring a dish to the event. Why not bring something you know you want to eat? This guarantees something healthy-ish at the event. (smile)

Tip #5:

Remember, oftentimes the food present at these get-togethers are usually exceptions to your daily nutrition norm. If you are a social butterfly and go to all kinds of bbqs, happy hours, and such, you might want to consider eating a healthy meal beforehand or packing one on-the-go for your event.

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