About Us

C.E.b. Fitness & Wellness is owned and operated by Dr. Candice Elaine Brooks. Dr. Brooks has 19 years of combined professional experience in post-secondary education administration and the fitness industry.

Our mission is to educate, physically train, and improve our communities through fitness.

Yes, the letters “C.E.b.” are the initials of founder and CEO, Candice Elaine Brooks, but C.E.b. also stands for Community.Education.body.—three avenues where fitness is infused into our everyday lives.

WE BELIEVE we make the greatest positive impact on our COMMUNITIES through EDUCATED minds and fit bODIES.

We take great pride on the following Values Statements.

1. We provide exceptional customer service.
2. We engage in continuous learning and growth opportunities.
3. We have fun and are passionate about fitness and wellness.
4. We build partnerships and help others succeed.
5. We are socio-culturally conscious and active in our communities.

Our clients include human beings with a pulse and passion to improve their fitness.

We primarily work with clients at corporate wellness sites, within private training facilities, and virtually via a mobile training app, audio video, and electronic media. We recognize how gyms often feel like intimidating, overwhelming spaces. In-home and private training removes these barriers and allows all focus to be on you and only you. You deserve the best!

CEbFit works with a variety of individuals with unique physical needs ranging from post-surgery and physical therapy muscle strength and conditioning, girls’ and women’s basketball strength and conditioning, fat loss, muscle toning, and stability and flexibility training.

CEbFit offers a variety of fitness services to individuals and groups locally in Sacramento and Yolo County: 

  • Customized personal training online and at local community fitness centers.
  • Customized fitness and wellness programs for organizations and businesses.
  • Comprehensive fitness assessments, detailed report, and specific exercise and stretching recommendations
  • Interactive, outcomes-based fitness consultations.
  • Consultations for the design of customized home fitness centers.
  • Customized accountability systems to ensure adherence to fitness and wellness goals.
  • Customized fitness program design for individuals with specific goals.
  • Interactive fitness workshops (e.g., functional movement patterns, fitness for older adults, body weight exercises, parent and child fitness fun, and more!)

 Learn more about our services.

2 responses

  1. Your post on the social justice and where fitness ties into that is exactly what I needed to read. I too am passionate about health and wellness but yet find it challenging sometimes to tie it in to my “consciousness” as well. Thank you for your thoughts and breakdown on the matter.

    1. My pleasure AsiaMajor. Self care is so important in our ongoing work as conscious and active community members.

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