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Welcome to our affiliations and discounts page! Check here regularly for discounts and deals for fitness and wellness services and products.


Friends, family, and clients often ask me what supplements I recommend. I currently use a Grass Fed Whey Protein made by Nutrology. It is a lean protein with no sugar, low cholesterol, low calorie, low fat, and tastes great! Nutrology offers plenty of other sports and performance supplements. I like to put the peanut butter flavored PC-10 microfine chia seeds in my oatmeal and smoothies. 

NUTROLOGY_NATURALLY_BETTER_LOGO_201420% OFF all Nutrology products

CEbFit is also an affiliate of Nutrology supplement company. Why Nutrology?

CEO & Founder, Candice Elaine brooks, has specifically used the Tripact protein for over one year. “I absolutely love the super food greens blend, fiber, branch chain amino acids, and probiotics blended into this protein. I have yet to see another protein like it,” said brooks. “If your goal is weight loss, maintenance, or muscle building, this is the protein for you!” Check out the new Grass Fed Whey Protein!

BUY and GIVE!  As a CEbFit client and supporter, you receive 20% off your total order and free shipping. As a result of your purchase, CEbFit receives a commission from your purchase. We will keep a running tally of sales commissions and select various non-profit organizations to support throughout the year.

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Perform Better prides itself as the expert on functional training, rehabilitation, and sports performance. “Whether you’re trying to get stronger, faster or more explosive, you can trust expert staff to suggest the right products to meet your needs.” (PerformBetter, 2017)

CEbFit is a PerformBetter affiliate and receives sales commissions from our client referrals. You must access the PerformBetter website from this hyperlinks in order to accurately track sales referred by CEbFit.

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TP Logo&Mark uni_webTriggerPoint Therapy offers high quality scientifically proven muscle fiber massage and recovery tools to complement anyone’s daily fitness and wellness regimen. Take your performance and recovery to the next level! Take a gander at their foam rollers, cold rollers, and guidebooks. CEbFit is a TriggerPoint affiliate and receives sales commissions from our client referrals. NOTE: You must access the TriggerPoint website from these hyperlinks in order to accurately track sales referred by CEbFit.

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