Best Body Countdown

Get Ready to Reach Your Best Body in Fall 2018!

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Once again, CEbFit has teamed up with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Sohailla Digsby, to offer the Best Body Countdown in September 2018. I love how this program integrates fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle challenges with ACCOUNTABILITY and MOTIVATIONAL tools! Back in 2014, I met Sohailla at a fitness conference, attended one of her workshops, reviewed her book, and collaborated with her ever since! I look forward to helping you reach individual fitness and nutrition goals!  

The nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle challenges of the 52-Day Best Body Countdown are strategically designed to help you reach Your Best Body, regardless of your starting fitness level or weight. The interactive materials you’ll receive will guide you step-by-step to Your Best Body over 52 days, providing you with daily strategies, resources, and recipes so that you can feel and see results along the way. By the end of the Best Body Countdown, you’ll have a pantry and a medical profile that look as different from 52 days ago as you do in your jeans. Not only will you wrap up the Countdown having reached Your Best Body, but you will have built the foundation to maintain the new you forever – without looking back! The BEST You: inside and out – lifelong strong!

Learn more about the Best Body Countdown in this short video! 


This fall we are offering the Best Body Countdown to two groups.
Please select the group that pertains to you.

CEbFit logo3-2015Virtual Participants
No physical location required. Participate from anywhere.
No in-person sessions or check-ins.


Natomas Racquet Club

For current NRC members and non-members with special 2-month membership rate.


Learn more about Sohailla Digsby, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed Dietitian, Fitness Instructor, Author, Speaker. Review research outcomes and a detailed overview about the 52 Day Countdown program. Several of your questions may be answered here!
(Download FREE Adobe Reader to view both documents.)


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