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Wellness is Like a Puzzle

There are several pieces to put together in the wellness puzzle. Oftentimes, we open the box, throw all the pieces out on the table and don’t even realize that one or two fell off on the floor. As we start with the corner pieces and work on the border, we feel accomplished, hopeful, and inspired. Then the tougher part begins. We need patience, discipline, and focus to put the middle pieces together and connect them to the border.

photo source: dealmakersblog.com

But when do we notice that two pieces fell on the floor when we first started the puzzle? It sometimes takes us a long time to figure out how to put the whole puzzle together because we’ve been missing two key pieces on the floor.
Marinate on that.
Just think if you were with someone else (an accountability partner, personal trainer, health professional) when you first opened the “wellness” puzzle and tossed all the pieces on the table? Hopefully, that person would have immediately told you that you dropped two pieces, picked them up, and maybe even helped you figure out where the piece goes. Thus, helping you accomplish your goal of completing the puzzle that much sooner.
1. You do not have to embark upon this journey alone.
2. You must identify puzzle pieces, understand how to put them together, TRY to put them together, and get quite a few pieces wrong in order to ultimately complete the puzzle. Every accomplishment is rooted in several mistakes made in the journey to get there.
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