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5 Exercises You Can Do with a Mop or Broom

Who needs a gym when a broom, mop, or long tree limb is nearby? Check out these five exercises!

Make sure you alternate the ends of the broom/map to balance resistance on each side of the body. Also, a rope pulled taut will work for these exercises, too. Have fun with speed and number of repetitions.

1. Overhead Wide Grip Squats – Holding broom, keep arms straight and above head. Wide leg stance. Get down deep into your squat. Keep arms up and straight above your head. Stick that butt out and get deep into your squat. Repeat.

2. Forward Lunges w/ Lateral Twist  – In the lunge, keep knee in alignment and over top of toes. Holding broom, keep arms extended straight in front of body and twist laterally (transverse plane) to the left. Repeat to the right.

3. Overhead Shoulder Press – Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Hold broom shoulder width apart. Start with broom at shoulder height and press up (sagittal plane) in front of face until arms are straight in air above your head. Repeat.

4. Crunches – Lie down. Knees up. Feet flat on floor. Hold broom horizontal to the floor (over top of your torso). Lift head, neck, and shoulders up! Repeat.

5. Alternating Side Bend / Knee Touches – Stand with feet a little wider than should width apart and knees slightly bent. Rest broom behind neck on top of shoulders. Have a wide pronated grip on the broom. Simultaneously raise right knee and side bend down to the right so your knee comes up to touch the broom stick. Repeat on left side.


What other exercises can you do with a broom or mop? Please share!

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