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A Mother’s Strength

Photo Credit: Gustavo Del Castillo Photography (Oakland, CA) @gdcphotography

Today is THE day for all mother’s across the globe. It’s Mother’s Day!

Let us remember…

  • several of us may no longer have our mother here on Earth to celebrate this special day
  • some mother’s may be mourning the loss of their only child or children
  • some of us may have mothers who do not recognize us or remember who we are
  • some of us may have mothers fighting for their dear lives
  • some of us are unable to have biological children
  • some moms may be separated from their children and families
  • acknowledge that today is an emotional day for many

The physiological definition of strength is “the ability of the neuromuscular system to produce internal tension to overcome an external force,” (National Academy of Sports Medicine, 2014, p. 312).

I couldn’t have defined the strength of moms any better. Day in and day out mom’s use their God-given strength from within to overcome every external force imaginable on behalf of their children and families.That takes extraordinary STRENGTH.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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