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FREE-ish Workout Music!

If you’re anything like me, you can’t workout without your music. It seems like going to the store and purchasing a music CD is becoming more and more outdated. (sigh) For the record, I do still purchase CDs.

Music downloads have become the primary way we purchase our favorite tunes. And on that note, this week I wanted to share a few free-ish online music download websites.

Starbucks: Get more than coffee! Look near the cash register or the little table underneath of the community bulletin board. You should find a little wallet sized card that has a free music or phone application download. I don’t know how often Starburcks replaces these cards with new music downloads, but it’s completely FREE!

iTunes: Every Tuesday, iTunes offers FREE music downloads. Go to the iTunes Store and scroll down until you see a light blue box on the left that says, “Free on iTunes.” Click on this and boom! Free music! It’s usually two tracks from any genre you can think off. I’ve scored some great songs this way.

Free Music Archive: This is quite the eclectic musical find. Click on any genre and have fun listening to some cool music selections. You can immediately download to your computer and save on your favorite listening device!

Amazon MP3’s Downloads: There are all type of free downloads here. Admittedly, you have to work a little bit to find what your music interests, but it’s FREE!

Friends & Family: This should be a no brainer. Ask friends and family if they have any CDs they no longer want. Tell them you would be happy to take them off their hands.

Local Library: This is another resource people sleep on. Did you know local libraries allow you to check-out music, movies, video games, and more absolutely amazing resources? Why not go to the library to preview a variety of CDs prior to making a future purchase?

Spotify: In order to have full control over your music and playlists, you must purchase this app. However, there are many benefits to streaming FREE music using the FREE version.

Pandora: Same thing as Spotify. Commercials get on my last nerve with Pandora music streaming, but it’s FREE!

iTunes Radio: Same thing as Spotify and Pandora. Go to the iTunes Store and scroll down on the right until you see, “iTunes Radio.”

mp3Skull.com: This is a searchable database of all types of music. All you need to do is type in the name of the artist or song and it will pop up if it’s in the database. Be mindful of the Copyright Statement.

For the record, I do not condone music piracy. Please support talented musicians and vocalists. In the words of Spike Lee, “Do the right thing!”


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