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Full Body Workout [intermediate level]

WARM UP (3 sets)

A simplified look at the 3 primary planes of motion.

A simplified look at the 3 primary planes of motion. Photo from http://mariamaestevens.com

50, 4 count jumping jacks (multi-form arm & leg movement in sagittal, transverse, and frontal planes)
10 stationary inchworms with push-ups
25 resistance band squat with row
20 lunges (10 each leg) with overhead extended arm leaning reach w/ weight
50 squats (w/ varied foot positioning and leg widths)
10 bent single leg lift with calf raise on opposite foot
1:00 rest

15 x 3 – straight arms resistance band pull apart (transverse plane) while kneeling balancing on Swiss ball
20 x 3 – kneeling resistance band pull down
4 x each grip x 3 – assisted pull ups, multi-grip (pronated, supinated, neutral, mixed)
25 x 3 – resistance band bicep curls (zottman, standard supinated grip, neutral grip, pronated grip raises)
15 x 3 – bodyweight dips
5lbs x 10 x 3 – I / T dumbbell lateral raises
10 x 3 – TRX suspended rows

jog 10:00 mile

15:00 Stretching


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