I highly recommend Dr. Brooks’ personal training services to readers of this testimonial, associates, friends, and family alike. Due to my athletic background, I have years of experience receiving physical/nutritional instructions and rate Dr. Brooks on the same scale as my highly coveted strength and conditioning Division I basketball trainers. I was very impressed with her attention to detail in planning a well-rounded regime conducive to my specific needs. Dr. Brooks carefully constructed workouts allowing me to stay the course of the plan without agitating old injuries keeping me focused on the goals we mutually agreed upon. She emphasized the nutritional aspect of my diet and explained the “why” of its importance. As a result I’ve grown to become more conscious of what I eat and drink in addition to feeling more physically fit than I have in years.
-Sonya Mae, Chicago, IL – 35
former NCAA Division I athlete; Sports & Media Entertainment, CEO

After witnessing Candice’s health and fitness transformation via her blog and Facebook posts, I began to seek her advice regarding my own fitness goals and desire to create healthy eating patterns. I sought her assistance with creating a daily schedule that included meal times, exercise, work/other daily activities. I also desired a meal plan that tracked my caloric intake, protein, and carbs. Through a food tracking exercise and a brief questionnaire Candice created a schedule and meal plan for me. I was satisfied with both items and Candice was available for any follow-up questions I had. She also offered to revise both plans, if I desired, after I had implemented them for a few weeks. I would recommend Candice to those who seek a gentle yet informed professional in the areas of personal nutrition and lifestyle.
-LaSha, Los Angeles, CA – 36
Higher Education Administrator

I was looking to maintain my weight but tone my body and Candice was able to give me a detailed eating regimen that will keep me healthy along with a list of exercises that will focus on the areas I was most concerned about. She had an answer with well researched knowledge for every question I had about working out and eating right. I trust her as a personal trainer because she lives by what she knows and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is serious about being healthy.
-Temi, Silver Spring, MD – 35
Natural Cosmetologist



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