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Contact me for special COVID-19 discounts for folks who have suffered a loss of income due to self-quarantine, unpaid time off, and lay-offs.

Got Equipment_

Are you still counting down the days until your gym re-opens? Don’t get your hopes up for that happening anytime soon. If you haven’t already figured out your home gym situation, contact me to help you get started. It doesn’t take much to get a good workout in at home.

Thriving Through _The Rona_

Our daily lives have changed. Routines are disrupted. Stress is high. Grocery shelves are bare. Jobs are lost. Teleworking is the norm. Essential staff are at risk. Forced isolation has challenged our sanity. Priorities have shifted. We must be creative.

I created a GroupMe mobile chat group to support and hold you accountable to your health. NOW is the time to focus on our health. Together, let’s hold each other accountable. I want the group to organically flow and grow. I will share trustworthy news, facts, motivation, free resources, tips, and challenges focused on nutrition, fitness, and healthy living topics. I see this time of self-quarantining and social distancing as a blessing to slow our lives down, recenter, refocus, and recommit to our health.

LOWER BACK PAIN Virtual Training
EXPIRED: 7/31/2020. REGULAR RATE: $179


  • 4-Week online flexibility and strength training program via Trainerize mobile fitness app
  • Personalized dashboard to see programs, track workouts and results using the mobile or desktop versions of the Trainerize app
  • Weekly optional progress photo uploads **Demonstration videos for every exercise in the Trainerize app
  • All your workouts and other reminders on an easy to use digital calendar **Email and/or push notifications for workouts and other tasks
  • Unlimited In-App messaging to Fitness Expert (a.k.a., Dr. Candice Brooks)
  • Accountability tracker to verify progress 4-week training program (warm-up, strength training, cardio, stretching)
  • On-going review of your training program to make adjustments as needed

Online Fitness Training Monthly Memberships – ($179 – $249 / month)


We use the Trainerize Mobile Fitness App.

DID YOU KNOW? The average cost of 1-on-1 personal training is $50-$80 per session and most clients have 2 sessions per week or 8 sessions per month? If you understand the value of personal training and don’t have an extra $400-$640 per month, online training and coaching is for you! Online training allows you to save big and work with an expert trainer online! For as low as $6 per day, you will receive a customized workout, have access to a certified personal trainer, track your stats, access workouts via mobile app, and sync your favorite apps and devices. Learn more about our monthly fitness training memberships and get started today!

Exercise “Check-Ups” – ($29)

Am I doing this right? My body doesn’t move like his, I need another option. Is there another way to do this? Can you watch me do it and let me know if I’m doing it correctly?


This option is perfect for you if you’re using one of those free fitness apps and unsure if you’re performing the exercise(s) correctly or perhaps you need a way to modify the exercise to make it more of a realistic challenge for YOUR BODY. Send me a video of you performing an exercise and receive immediate feedback about your exercise form. Be safe and not sorry! Slower is faster in the beginning of any exercise program. Take the time to perfect movements and minimize risk for injury. Price includes check-ups for 3 separate exercises.

Food Log Review – ($39)

mfpReceive feedback from a Fitness Nutrition Specialist about your daily eating! This is ideal for anyone looking to “clean up” their daily nutrition. We will use the MyFitnessPal as a food tracking platform accessible via the mobile phone application and desktop computer website, 


  • Instructions about how to set up MyFitnessPal on your mobile phone and/or desktop. 
  • Feedback about your daily eating habits either for one week. 

For additional feedback about specific caloric needs based on your body type and nutrition goals, daily micro and macro nutrient intake, and other specific dietary preferences, restrictions, and limitations, I highly encourage you to collaborate with a Registered Dietitian. I would be happy to refer you!

Healthy Habits Accountability Coaching  – ($49 +)

Accountability Coaching is ideal for folks who feel like they need to Regroup, Refocus, and Restart! Let’s strategize and put the puzzle pieces of fitness and wellness together! Develop a concrete Plan of Action! Coaching applies concepts within the transtheoretical model of behavior change (Prochaska and DiClemente, 1983).  

Sample topics include: exercise tempo/reps/intensity, nutrition, rest/recovery, hydration, prioritizing your wellness, fitness program design, healthy eating habits, grocery shopping, and meal planning. Most importantly, we will identify what YOU NEED and move forward with a gameplan to make it happen!

Follow-up information, helpful tools, and resources are shared after our initial session (and between sessions). I will regularly follow up with you weekly (or more) to see how you have progressed with your goals on your own! 

Prices reflect the number of face-to-face (in-person or videoconference) sessions AND one month of virtual coaching.

Virtual Body Posture & Movement Assessments – ($299)

Out of EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE service I can offer you, this is THE GAME CHANGER!


Make a life long positive impact on your body and identify muscle imbalances. Did you hear that? I said, LIFE LONG impact! Posture and movement assessments will identify your overworked (tight) and underworked (weak) muscles. Over time, corrective exercises will help alleviate chronic/acute pain, improve your strength and balance, improve your posture, and more! Your world will be rocked!


  • Virtual body posture and movement assessments
  • Customized corrective strength exercises and flexibility stretches to address your body’s muscle imbalances
  • BASIC Training Membership with full access to Trainerize mobile app to track your exercises and flexibility stretches for four weeks

Unlimited Access  – ($29 / month)

Nothing beats on-going access to a fitness and nutrition professional who knows their stuff! Ask quick questions to a certified personal trainer / fitness nutrition specialist / group exercise instructor via email or text message all month! Very affordable at less than a dollar per day! Make sure to include your mobile number and email address when submitting payment.

*Prices include Online Training only.  Contact me to get started!

Purchase services at our Square Online Store.


New programs will be released throughout March and April 2020.

We will have monthly fitness training memberships, classes, and specific workouts for beginners, folks with chronic lower back pain, expecting moms (and dads), new moms (and dads), seasoned moms (and dads), women recovering from hysterectomy surgery, folks recovering from knee surgery, folks with fibromyalgia, womyn with endometriosis, baby boomin’ workouts, at-work no sweat workouts, and more!  Be safe. Be well.

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